Published July 15, 2016.

In these letters, I usually update you on a single aspect of the Milken Institute's work. But with so much taking place on so many fronts, this time around I'd like to share highlights of a number of our recent endeavors.

Public health constitutes a relatively new and exciting focus for the Institute. The new Center for Public Health will help bring to population-level health the same focus that has allowed bioscience and medical research to extend and advance the lives of individuals so remarkably in the past century. Recognizing the crucial role of prevention in reducing health costs, the Center brings together all relevant stakeholders to focus on health issues such as smoking and obesity. 

  • Our most recent Global Conference was a huge success, with more than 3,500 participants, 200 panels and more than 700 speakers. With the overall theme of the future of humankind, our panels gave actionable insights and fact-based reasons for optimism for our planet's future, even as we delved into the most intractable challenges of our planetary present.
  • During the Global Conference, we announced with our partners George Washington University and the International Financial Corporation (the World Bank's organization dedicated to ending poverty) the launch of a first-of-its-kind graduate-level program for capital market practitioners in developing economies. Held over eight months starting in August, the program combines university coursework with a work placement opportunity, equipping mid-career professionals with the tools and training to support capital market development in their countries. The program is initially focused on nations in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • One goal that I'm especially proud to say that we achieved this year is the launch of a gorgeous and engaging website for the Milken Institute Review ( Our capable editor, Peter Passell, design director Joannah Ralston and developer Scott Horton and his team have done an incredible job in translating the sprightly content of the Review to a very digital incarnation that is hard to put down – especially if you're reading on a smartphone or tablet. As Peter has indicated, there's much more to come, so please keep reading, whether the print or online versions of the Review.

For other highlights, take a look at the Review's Institute News feature.

We're heading into a busy fall, but based on the record of the past few months I can’t imagine it can be much busier than the beginning of 2016.

Please enjoy a great summer.

Michael Klowden

CEO and President


Michael Klowden, CEO and President