Institute News

Published October 19, 2016.

Third Time's the Charm

Now in its third year, the Institute's Asia Summit has become one of the region's can't-miss meetings. Held in Singapore in September, the Summit convened more than a hundred speakers (and hundreds of other participants) to explore the whole spectrum of forces shaping Asia. Videos of all panels are available at no cost on the Institute's website.

Coinciding with the Summit, Institute researchers published a blizzard of reports on Asia-related topics, including an assessment of Asian companies for foreign investors, an analysis of the implications of the changing balances of China's foreign exchange reserves, and the latest "Best-Performing Cities – China" results. You can find them all (and discover the Institute's surprising conclusion about which Chinese city is at the top of the list) at – you guessed it – the Institute's website.

Freshman Class – with Class

The Institute has partnered with the World Bank's International Finance Corporation and George Washington University to create the IFC-Milken Institute Capital Markets Program at the university. The goal of this unique initiative is to create a network of skilled practitioners in Africa and other emerging regions prepared to lead capital-market development in their countries. Drawn from the most promising professionals, the first group of 18 IFC-Milken Institute fellows arrived in Washington in August. They will complete rigorous classroom work at GWU, along with hands-on work experience at financial institutions in the United States, before returning to their jobs back home.

We're Pleased as Punch

In September, Edward Greissing took up the reins as the first executive director of the Center for Public Health, a part of the Institute's burgeoning work in the area. Greissing brings nearly three decades of leadership experience in healthcare to his new position, and was recently the recipient of American Cancer Society's Donald H. Gemson Cancer Prevention and Public Policy Award. "Ed's appointment allows us to focus powerfully on both ends of the spectrum," explained the Institute's president and COO Richard Ditizio, "combining new efforts in wellness and prevention with our acclaimed ongoing work in promoting medical research and cures."