Institute News

Published August 4, 2017

Powerful Ideas

The Institute is committed to convening ideas, not just people. To that end, we've again compiled a collection of insights from leaders in business, politics and philanthropy inspired by the 2017 Global Conference this spring in Los Angeles. The latest edition of "The Power of Ideas" includes contributions from the Dalai Lama, Elton John, Lynda Resnick and more than a dozen others. Read them all at

Tops in Tech (Transfer)

Which of America's top universities do the best job in translating their research prowess into new technologies, products and companies? You may be — no, you're sure to be — surprised.

The Institute's latest report, "Concept to Commercialization: The Best Universities for Technology Transfer," provides a unique new ranking — and also a clear policy recommendation: because universities are among the nation's most powerful engines for economic growth, subsidizing them to sustain their research is a no-brainer.

"As a society, we understand our universities as the training ground for the next generation of leaders and doers," says report author and Institute Chief Research Officer Ross DeVol (see page 84). "But we often overlook the benefits these institutions impart simply by bringing new ideas to life." The top-ranked schools for tech transfer in order of ranking: University of Utah, Columbia, University of Florida, Brigham Young and Stanford. Oops, I think we gave it away.

Partnering for Cures, Across the USA

Since 2009, the Institute's FasterCures center has convened its Partnering for Cures conference each year to bring together leaders with the experience and motivation needed to transform the medical research system. The goal: reducing the time and cost of getting new therapies from the laboratory to patients.

While Partnering for Cures has in the past met in New York, this year FasterCures is taking the meeting on the road, bringing the event to the medical innovation hotspots of Boston on July 12 and San Francisco on November 14. In each city, participants will tackle the latest R&D issues, from patient engagement to artificial intelligence, in a variety of settings. Think roundtable discussions, hands-on workshops and thought-provoking panels. Registration is now open at