First Quarter 2016

First Quarter 2016

Asians Lead the New Immigration Surge

Asian surprise. by William H. Frey

Desalination Ready for Prime Time?

Planning for the next drought by Lawrence Fisher

Restoring Fiscal Democracy

by Eugene Steuerle

Saving Airline Deregulation

Ryanair to the rescue? by Kenneth Button

Billionaires and Growth

by Sutirtha Bagchi and Jan Svejnar

Financing High-Risk Medical Research

A Proposal from FasterCures By Melissa Stevens

Ants and Grasshoppers

Ants and Grasshoppers

Summary of this Issue

George Mason University economist ken button points out that the giant legacy airlines that stumbled through the first decades of deregulation are finally covering their operating costs and are better positioned to confront future economic storms. Our own melissa stevens outlines a plan for leveraging philanthropic dollars to manage risk in the development of life-saving drugs. Former New York Times reporter larry fisher examines California's flirtation with seawater desalination. sutirtha bagchi of Villanova University and jan svejnar of Columbia University ask whether the extraordinary rise in extreme wealth in recent decades stimulates or undermines economic growth. And much more...