Second Quarter 2017

Second Quarter 2017

Population Growth Hits Bottom

But there's a silver lining

Letter From Germany

It's hard to do the right thing

Where Did All the Men Go?

The rise of the unworking

The Rigged Labor Market

Adam Smith would be ashamed

Public Pension Plans

A trillion here, a trillion there...

Beating the Odds: Jump-Starting Developed Countries

Why development economists are just plain wrong

Still Digging Out

Palestinian Blues

Letter From Tōhoku

The sun also sets.

Cheap Beef?

South Africa is a bargain

Summary of this Issue

Alan Krueger links stagnating wages to employers’ anti-competitive tactics that reduce labor mobility and sap productivity. Nick Eberstadt ponders the consequences of the great exodus of men from the American workforce, and brainstorms ways to bring them back. Ramona Bajema returns to Fukushima six years after the tsunami and the subsequent nuclear power disaster that killed 20,000. Ed Bartholomew explains why the looming pension liabilities of states and localities are far more ominous than the officials in charge acknowledge, or apparently even understand. Charles Castaldi samples Germans’ reaction to Angela Merkel’s decision to take on the mantle of moral leadership eschewed by the United States in the Syrian refugee crisis. Jacob Udell and Glenn Yago revisit the problem of constructing a viable Palestinian economy from the ruins of permanent war. Justin Yifu Lin and Célestin Monga argue that development economics requires a thorough makeover if it is to help lagging nations join the mainstream. Bill Frey explains why U.S. population growth is heading for zero.