Third Quarter 2017

Third Quarter 2017

Trump Country

But maybe not for long

Suburban Poverty

Behind the white picket fence

Preparing for Pandemics

A trillion-dollar externality?

Stopping the Race to the Bottom

Taking the hard sell out of securities ratings.

Adaptive Markets: Financial Evolution at the Speed of Thought

A revolutionary alternative to market economics as usual

Turkey Circles the Drain

Erdoganomics 101

Summary of this Issue

Ed Dolan unties the Gordian Knot of health care reform by designing a system of universal coverage with conservative principles. Ramanan Laxminarayan calls for preparedness in the face of pandemic disease outbreaks, which have become the new normal. Komal Sri-Kumar and Masood Sohaili make a strong case for universal basic income, the idea that everyone should get a monthly check from the government. Howard Esaki and Larry White propose an Olympics-inspired solution to make securities ratings more reliable. Tim Koller, James Manyika and Sree Ramaswamy prove that short-term thinking really does work against a company’s best interests. Elizabeth Kneebone shines a light on the rise of poverty in America’s suburbs. Ross DeVol warns against cutting federal funding for university research. Robert Looney chronicles the rise and fall of Turkey’s economy. Andrew Lo offers a revolutionary alternative to market economics as usual. Bill Frey takes a county-level snapshot of the country’s demographics to explain the 2016 presidential election.