Third Quarter 2021

Third Quarter 2021

Dollar Dominion

On the dollar as reserve currency. Here, the USA is still number one.

Climate Change

On climate resilience. Time – past time – to toughen up.

Learning From the Green Opposition

On Greens and the carbon tax. One cheer for the skeptics.

Rare Earths Explained

On rare earths. We can’t leave this one to China.

Saving the World’s Fisheries

On fishery management. A moving target.

Third Reconstruction

On Reconstruction III. When at first (and second) you don’t succeed ...

The Africa Remittance Dilemma

On digital IDs. In Africa the stakes are high.

Anyone Want to Buy a Very Used Wind Turbine?

On recycling renewables. Messy and necessary.

Rebellions, Rascals and Revenue

On the wonders of taxation. There’s method to this madness.

Price and Prejudice

On market fundamentalism. Don’t blame it on Adam Smith.